Inaction Is Action

Caps' deadline strategy was by design

The NHL trading deadline came and went without the Caps making a move.  Especially after last year's flurry, some fans are upset.  (The team's recent stinktastic play only adds to it.)

But Ted Leonsis says not to worry.  Their inaction was by design.  The NHL, he argues, is different.  That's especially true in today's economy.

"[B]anks won’t allow teams to increase their losses by tucking older players in the minors or doing magical contract buyouts. Cash is king in business today and the big spending teams don’t have the money to spend like they used to."

The Jaromir Jagr joke goes here.

Despite that, Ted says they were in on a player.  He doesn't say who, but his name probably rhymes with Bris Longer.

Ted says that this mystery team was asking for four prospects, "to rebuild their team for them all in one fell swoop."

He also says that what works this year, might not down the road.  Taking on a player whose big contract runs for a year or two could prevent re-signings or other moves in the years to come.

All good reasons, it seems.

But Japers' Rink might have the best reason.

"Whether by design, logistical impossibilities or fate, management sent a message to the players: it's up to you...

"This year, it's up to the guys in the room, the ones who have been there for the past year or two or more. It's up to the coach who took this team on a damn-near miraculous run last season and has them dreaming big this year. It's up to the most valuable player to show why he won the award last season and to recognize that there's also an award for playoff MVP. It's up to the free agent goalie, the re-born Russian veteran, the future captain, the enigmatic sniper, the Norris hopeful and everyone else on that team, in D.C. and in Hershey, because there's no help coming. Not this year. This year, they're on their own."

We'll see if it works.

Chris Needham used to write Capitol Punishment.  He cannot skate backwards.

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