Ian Desmond Requests D.C. United's Barra Brava at Nationals Games

Don't look now, but the Nationals have won three straight, following up their nightmarish sweep at the hands of the Braves with a sweep of the Phillies. 

With the Giants in town for a three-game series starting Tuesday before a 10-game road trip, Ian Desmond took to Twitter Monday asking for some reinforcements in the form of D.C. United's Barra Brava cheering section:

The Nationals could surely use some hooligans to inspire some energy as they attempt to salvage what is left of this season, but as KCKRS points out, this would not be the first time that Barra Brava has attended another team's games. 

Back in 2006, they attended some Capitals games, which produced memorable sentiments such as "They're screaming and yelling to the point where you can't even hear the announcers," 'I ain't coming back, I'd rather watch it at home" and "They're annoying the [bleep] out of me." 

Sounds like a winning formula to me.

Still, it could be fun, so why not? 

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