How Bryce Harper Spent His First MLB Day Off

On a gorgeous weekend afternoon like the one we were afforded Sunday, the last thing that you, me or anybody with a job would want to do is go into work.

Just the idea probably would be met with a scoff and a smack upside the head.

Sunday, Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper earned his first career major league day off, but he got called into work in the top of the ninth inning against the Boston Red Sox. Lame.

Harper came on to pinch hit with the score tied at 3-3 and drew a walk. Fellow outfielder Roger Bernadina smoked a ball to right field.

Harper -- as he is wont to do -- sprinted around the bases, sliding safely into home from first to score the game-winning run in a 4-3 victory that completed a three-game sweep of the Red Sox at Fenway Park (the Nationals/Expos franchise had never won a game in Boston until this weekend).

We mow our lawns and grocery shop on our days off. Harper wins baseball games. I see no distinction.

Adam Vingan is co-founder and editor of Kings Of Leonsis, a Caps-centric blog. Follow him on Twitter @AdamVingan and e-mail your story ideas to adamvingan (at)

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