He's No Hockey Mom, But is He a Fan?

Leonsis makes offer to Obama

He's definitely no hockey mom, but the question has to be asked: Is President Barack Obama a hockey fan at all?

While visiting Canada on Thursday, Obama let the CBC in on a little secret.

He hasn't attended a hockey game. We assume as in ever. 

"I'm looking forward to making it happen at some point," Obama told the CBC.

Chicago Blackhawks?  What? Where?

So with that in mind, I rushed off an e-mail to Capitals owner Ted Leonsis to find out if an invitation to sit in the owner's box had been extended to the president, and if there was any interest from Pennsylvania Avenue. 

The answer was short and sweet: "Yes and yes."

Leonsis also made another offer to the president Thursday via his blog, just to drive home the point:

"Consider this an open invitation to see Washington working at its finest. Where citizens are working hand in hand with leadership. A true economic plan that has gelled. A place where change has come! Come on out to a Capitals game. You deserve to have some fun and to see a winner in Washington!"

Will Obama bite? Will we see the Obama kids sporting Ovechkin jerseys? Stay tuned...

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