Hankerson, Banks Use Madden for Football Fix

Sarah Kogod

While some of the Redskins spent their Wednesday getting their hands dirty, others kept with the football theme.

Leonard Hankerson and Brandon Banks played a contentious game of Madden. Listening to Hank talk about it told us one thing: These guys really miss football.

It was a simple video game, but Hank broke down every play, analyzed the defenses and recounted the final minutes of the two-point game.

“It was a high-scoring game,” he told us. “There wasn’t no defense. It was tied up 42-42 at halftime and I said, ‘Let me get this defense right.' So after that I got a couple of stops, scored two more touchdowns. He was up by four points, and I scored a touchdown and went for two, but I missed so I was only up by two. He got the ball back but I stopped him on fourth down and won.”

Geez. This lockout can’t end soon enough, huh?

Apparently Banks played as the Philadelphia Eagles, which is quite the scandal on a slow news day.

Banks wasn’t at the practice Thursday and Hank has his own idea as to why.

“He got beat," he said. "He’s probably embarrassed.”

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