Gregg Williams' World Tour Continues

Former Redskins' defensive mastermind now a Saint

The Gregg Williams World Tour continues.

After being passed over by Dan Snyder for the Redskins' head coaching position before this past season, the defensive czar packed his bags and headed to Jacksonville, where he headed up an underachieving Jaguars unit and took the fall.

An "amicable divorce" was reached, and just over a year after being this close to being the Redskins' successor to Joe Gibbs, he found himself out of a job ... again.

But on Thursday Williams landed on his feet in New Orleans as the Saints' defensive coordinator.

After an unpleasant departure from Washington and a tumultous season with the Jags, does Williams have anything left in the tank?

We'll see. One thing we do know: the Redskins' defense didn't get much better at picking off passes, creating turnovers or getting pressure on the quarterback in his absence...

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