Give Us Your iPod: Selvish Capers

Steve Covault

It’s not uncommon to see athletes jamming to music on their headphones. Ask them what they’re listening to and they’ll tell you, but is it actually what's playing?

Here at Capital Games we do it a little differently. We ask local athletes to give up their iPod (or iPad, iPhone, or whatever they use to hold music), and let someone else put it on shuffle to see what comes up.

Sure, they could just tell us themselves. But what fun would that be?

Today, Redskins tackle Selvish Capers helps us find out what happens when you leave personal messages from your girl on your iPod.

Judging by how quickly Selvish made fellow lineman Clint Oldenberg move on, we can assume that message was pretty juicy.

And now, to Clint…

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