Gilbert Arenas' Star Power Strong as Ever

Being out evidently hasn't hurt the NBAer's Q-Rating

Tiger Woods, Chris Brown, Rhianna, Lil' Wayne, the entire Orlando Magic team ... those are just a couple of folks who concerned themselves with Gilbert Arenas' well-being as he observed game four of the NBA Finals in Orlando.

The Washington Times' Mike Jones could barely get in a couple words with Arenas without being interrupted by the "Very Important Passers-by" in the Amway Arena.

As Arenas continues to work out at his home in O-Town, Jones relates his visual evidence that Agent Zero has bulked down 20 pounds, weighing in at 207. Although, his profile lists him at 215 pounds. Those things are about as accurate as a Hollywood actress's driver's license.

But don't get used to Arenas in his slimmed down physique. In July, Gil will head to Chicago to "bulk up" with renowned basketball trainer to the stars Tim Grover.

Grover, who gained his notoriety by being the guy keeping Michael Jordan in shape, has a client list chock full of NBA superstars, including Charles Barkley, Hakeem Olajuwon, Scottie Pippen, Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade.

Keeping in shape and hobnobbing with stars is great, but that will only get Wizards fans as excited as they were last summer before the house of cards came tragically crashing down.

Will Gilbert be the player he once was? Will he change his game to be awesome anyway? Will Arenas play in the NBA summer league as he's indicated is a possibility? Basketball fans will have to wait and see ... just don't hold your breath Wizards fans. 

Kyle Weidie is a D.C. resident who writes Truth About It and contributes to Bullets Forever, both Washington Wizards blogs. Follow the latest Washington Wizards news on Tumblr.

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