Frumpy DC Gals, Varly's Back on the Market

Capitals goalie, girlfriend apparently split

This one goes out to the women of D.C. Remember a few weeks ago when Capitals goalie Semyon Varlamov called most ladies of D.C. "heavyset" and claimed they "don't care about themselves" because he they didn't compare to his hot, thin Russian girlfriend?

Well it appears the girlfriend is gone.

What's that saying about karma? Yeah...

Thanks to our magical Russian-translating friends over at Japers' Rink, we bring you the latest Varlamov interview with the Russian press.

Japers' translation has Varly telling a reporter that he isn't getting married anytime soon, and that his girlfriend is gone because "I simply don't have any time for a personal life."

The reporter reminded him about his interview from a week earlier in which the Caps goalie was rollerblading through a park with a lovely blonde girl in his arms and saying things like "I couldn't imagine myself being with an American girl." How'd that all work out for ya?

"Well, yeah, but that was last week, and now my plans have abruptly changed."


So look out Club Scarlet. Varly will be back on the prowl when training camp starts.

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