Fox Sorry for Penis Shot, No Changes to Camera Policy

The problem isn't cameramen in locker rooms.

After Sunday's Vikings-Lions game, Fox briefly broadcast an image of tight end Visanthe Shiancoe in the locker room, wearing nothing but a towel. And, unfortunately, the towel wasn't wrapped all the way around him, meaning Shiancoe's penis was briefly exposed.

Now Fox has apologized. From the St. Paul Pioneer Press:

"It was an obvious oversight on our part, and we apologize," said Dan Bell, the vice president of communications for Fox.The NFL, however, does not think this incident is a reason to change any policies toward having cameramen in team locker rooms.

I asked NFL spokesman Greg Aiello today whether the league would re-consider having cameras in locker rooms, and he answered, "No, I would not expect that. Video from post-game locker rooms is only available on tape, not live."

So there you have it. The problem isn't cameramen in locker rooms, it's producers who put the tape on the air without bothering to make sure that there aren't any exposed penises.

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