Fans Still Waiting For Cooley Recognition

Remember when the Redskins said they would do something special to honor Chris Cooley’s franchise reception record? Apparently that didn’t happen.

The broken promise did not fly under the radar, as multiple criticisms have been floating around the blogosphere.

From Fatpickled..

It’s one thing that the Redskins didn’t announce to the 80,000+ fans at FedEx Field (many of them wearing #47 jerseys) that Cooley had broken the record during the Giants game. The team only had 8 months and a lockout with nothing to do to prepare for it. What I have a problem with is the Redskins Senior VP telling the media that something “really special” was coming in week 2 and then not delivering. While some things seem to change…the more things stay the same.

 …and SB Nation

If it turns out that the Redskins don't have a very good reason for not honoring Cooley, and I'm sure they'll be asked about it, this would be a pretty big slight to somebody the team said was very important to the Franchise; especially after they went out of their way to say they were going to honor him.

 …and our friends at Mr. Irrelevant

The Redskins said they’d honor Chris Cooley for breaking their record for catches by a tight end, and then they didn’t. It’s a minor but interesting slight, as Cooley, a fan favorite, set the mark in Week 1 and wasn’t recognized for it then or in Week 2. Now the Skins don’t return to FedEx until Week 6.

We reached out to Redskins' Senior Vice President Tony Wyllie for an explanation and received his response via e-mail.

“He is getting recognized with stories on our website and gameday magazine,” he told us.

Follow-up e-mail questions to Wyllie about the previously mentioned plans for shout-outs to Cooley on the video board and the PA system have not been returned.

The Redskins' next home game is October 16 against the Eagles, five weeks after the record was broken. We’ll wait and see if the public pat on the back was simply delayed for some reason.

And if Wyllie gets back to us with an answer, we’ll be sure to pass it along.

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