Yovani Gallardo Is Starting Tomorrow

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There is a thin line between stupid and desperate and the Brewers have been treading that line for some time now. Firing Ned Yost late in the season is a desperate move. Repeatedly using CC Sabathia on short rest is another desperate move. As crazy as those moves are, Yost was a pretty bad manager and CC won't be a Brewer next year. Now, though, they're getting closer to crossing that line than ever. Tomorrow night Yovani Gallardo will make a start for them, less than five months removed from tearing his ACL. Care to defend yourself, Dale Sveum?

"It's a matter of how we're going to use him," said Sveum. "If we put him in the bullpen, we might not get to use him.

"He's a big-time game pitcher. He won't have that deer-in-the-headlights look out there."

There is a danger in taking a man like Sveum who's been longing to manage a major league team for nearly a decade, handing him a job, and telling him he has 12 games to prove himself. Sveum's going to do anything he can to keep that job, and that includes risking Gallardo's long-term health for a wild card spot this year. What happens to the Brewers when Ben Sheets and Sabathia are gone next and Gallardo's rehabbing yet another knee injury?

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