Winged Foot Neighbor Too Close For Comfort, Issues Restraining Order On Par-3

What if you went out searching for a house, and settled on one right next to a golf hole? The benefit is that you're close to a fabulous golf course, with the drawback being the unlikely event of a broken window. It might not happen often, but it will happen.

Now, imagine getting so frustrated with this that you decide to sue the golf course, even though you are the one that moved onto the course!!!

Meet Anthony Pecora, a restaurant owner who lives off the 6th hole at Winged Foot's East Course. Pecora has decided to sue Winged Foot, causing a State Supreme Court judge to issue a restraining order on the hole, making the East Course 17 holes of pure beauty and the 18th being some sort of nice, cold beverage.

Mr. Pecora has suffered $14,000 in damage to his home from errant golf balls, including five broken windows this year alone, said Julius Cohn, his lawyer. He said Mr. Pecora, who moved into the house in 2003, began complaining about the errant shots in 2006, when the club cut down several trees between his house and the sixth green.

"Since they cut down the trees in 2006, my client has been getting bombarded with golf balls," he said, adding that Mr. Pecora fears for the safety of his children, ages 6 and 11, who often play in the backyard. "He has golf balls raining down on his home - his children can't even walk on the property."

Yes, living that close to a golf course with the chance of a ball coming through your window is a bad thing, but again, you moved there. Didn't this cross his mind?

The solution to this seem fairly simple. First, they need to put up a net. The report says the the club refuses to do so, but I'd much rather have a net up than a closed golf hole (especially one as a great as the 6th on the East).

Second, maybe Pecora should invest in non-breakable windows. Honestly, I didn't even know people lived on golf courses without these things.

Third, the people that are doing this need to take a little responsibility. Sure, admitting to smashing a window on a par-3 is rather embarrassing, but it's better than having to skip one of the holes because you're being sketchy.

Also, if Anthony wants to make a little of that moola back, why not go to
this website

William O'Shaughnessy, who owns a pair of radio stations in New Rochelle, and is a member at Winged Foot, said, "If you buy a house on a golf course, you have to assume there may be a couple of errant shots that are going to land in your yard."

"It's part of the charm of living on one of the most famous golf courses in the world," he said.


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