Video: Gilliland's Intentional Wreck of Montoya

Sunday's race at Texas Motor Speedway had a grand total of two cautions for actual on-track wrecks, and had David Gilliland not intentionally wrecked Juan Pablo Montoya, that number would have been cut in half.

First, the video:

I saw Montoya's crash live Sunday during our live blog here on the 'House, and immediately felt my stomach drop for how blatantly intentional Gilliiland's move was.

Who knew David Gilliland was that type of racer?

I certainly didn't, and couldn't believe that he'd make such an egregious move to take out Montoya in such a bad spot on the race track. To me, it's one thing to spin the a guy out coming off a corner and something entirely different to do what Gilliland did in turning left on the backstretch into Montoya's right rear, sending the No. 42 straight towards the outside wall.

For his part, Montoya did admit the two had tangled somewhat in the laps prior through the corners, but he was surprised his lead-lap run ended with Gilliland's desperate move.

NASCAR took corrective action nearly immediately after the wreck by bringing Gilliland to pit road originally for a five-lap penalty, before parking him for the rest of the event. He finished 42nd.

I am somewhat confused, though, about two things. First, Gilliland, who so obviously wrecked Montoya, tried to pass of his manuever as a complete accident.

My spotter said I was clear and I slid up in front of him and he ran in the back of me and then going down into turn one and two it was the same thing. Then I went up the track to let him go and just kind of misjudged my run coming down back across the track.

I wasn't in the driver's seat, but from my estimation, Gilliland is trying to pass off something that any jury would find him guilty for. If you wrecked him intentionally, fess up to it.

Second, I find it hard to believe NASCAR is considering the situation resolved after simply parking the No. 38 for the rest of the race. I get that he lost a good amount of points on the matter, but come on, a dangerous move like that deserves a slightly more hefty punishment.

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