UFC President Dana White Said It Best: ‘Kimbo Slice Sucks'

Last month, when asked about the EliteXC main event of Kimbo Slice vs. Ken Shamrock, UFC President Dana White said this:

"Ken is way past his prime. It gets to the point where it's dangerous for that guy to still be fighting. That being said, he still might beat Kimbo. Kimbo sucks."

Ladies and gentlemen, when the man has a point, the man has a point.

There's simply no two ways about it: Kimbo Slice sucks at the sport of mixed martial arts. Is he tougher than the average guy at the next barstool? Sure. That doesn't mean he's an elite athlete.

As it turned out, Kimbo didn't fight Shamrock. Instead, he fought a guy named Seth Petruzelli, a onetime Ultimate Fighter cast member who sent 0-2 in his brief UFC career. Petruzelli is 30 pounds lighter than Kimbo, and all it took was 14 seconds for Petruzelli to knock Kimbo out.

Kimbo seems like a nice guy and was a good sport about it after he lost. But make no mistake: He sucks at MMA.

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