UFC 90: Thiago Alves Explains His Game Plan vs. Diego Sanchez: ‘I'm Gonna Knock Him Out'

In a video currently up at UFC.com, welterweight Thiago Alves gives a detailed explanation into what he expects to happen in his fight against Diego Sanchez at UFC 90.

"He's going to try his stand-up a little bit against me," Alves says. "He's not going to like it, so he's going to try to take me down, and every time he tries to do something, throw a punch or kick or shoot for a takedown, he's going to pay for it. I'm gonna make him pay until he can't take anymore, then I'm gonna take him out and knock him out."

I think the winner of the Alves-Sanchez fight can make a good case that he deserves a welterweight title shot, although the winner will probably have to win at least more fight before he'd get that shot, since champion Georges St. Pierre is locked into fighting B.J. Penn at the end of January.

I just hope Alves makes weight for the Sanchez fight, which he failed to do when he fought Matt Hughes at UFC 85. It's hard to make a case that you're the best welterweight in the world when you can't weigh in at welterweight.

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