UFC 90: Patrick Cote Says Anderson Silva ‘Will Want to Test My Chin for Sure'

Patrick Cote talks about his opponent at UFC 90, the middleweight champion Anderson Silva:

"He will want to test my chin for sure," Cote said. "That's exactly what he'll want to do. I will take everything that he will give me, but I will give him back for sure."

Cote also said, however, that he's not worried about Silva testing his chin: "I've never been knocked out in my life," he said. "So maybe that's why I'm not scared to sit there and trade with anyone in my weight class."

Interestingly, when I interviewed Cote in August, he told me that he would be scared when he fought Silva. That interview is after the jump.

Patrick Cote on Anderson Silva:

"Nobody is not scared to fight," Cote said. "You can't tell me that. But it's not a bad scared. When I'm in the Octagon I know I'm ready to go and I can't wait to hear the bell and go for the kill."

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