Tony Gonzo Is the All Time Yardage Leader for Tight Ends, at Least He's Got Individual Goals

Tony Gonzalez, with a first quarter reception against the Carolina Panthers, passed Shannon Sharpe for all time career yardage by a tight end. Sharpe retired with 10,060 yards, and Gonzalez just jumped him with his first catch of the day.

This is important because now Gonzo is the all time leader for yardage, receptions and touchdown receptions by a tight end. He is arguably the greatest tight end of all time, and his success really defined the change in the position that we've seen over the past few years, that has led to guys like Antonio Gates and Jason Witten emerge.

Of course, it also led to the Niners burning a first round draft pick on Vernon Davis, but hey, they can't all be winners. Additionally, it's nice to see a loyal guy like Gonzo find some form of success while being forced to suffer on this 2008 Kansas City team.

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