Today in MMA: Kurt Angle Says He'll Fight in the Octagon in 2009

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Says Kurt Angle of his plans for next year, "I'm going to cross over to the MMA world ... I'm the only Olympic gold medallist that will enter the Octagon."

Rashad Evans talks to about his college wrestling career.

Why isn't anyone talking about the bad TV ratings for Dream.6?

Will Dream be around long enough to have a Dream.7 on New Year's Eve?

A recap of episode 2 of The Ultimate Fighter 8.

Gina Carano says she's putting her distractions behind her.

Josh Barnett says on his MySpace page that he did not turn down the opportunity to fight on CBS.

ProElite is shooting an MTV pilot starring Jake Shields.

Is Antonio Silva telling the truth when he says he never used performance-enhancing drugs?

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