Three Jaguars Fans Injured After Falling Glass Panel — Caused by a Fight — Lands in Stands

I have a lot of family from Jacksonville, Florida (and consequently lots of Jaguar fans) and therefore am usually pretty defensive when people start dogging on the city and its residents.

But lately, I have to admit that the Jaguars fans are not doing a whole heck of a lot to make me feel good about defending them. First there was the whole "smash the guard in the head with a folding chair" thing. And now, a random fight caused what sounds like a huge thing made of glass fall on three women at the game.

Downey said that, because of privacy laws, he doesn't have the names of the injured or whether they're still hospitalized.

One woman's injuries were apparently more serious than the other two.

Downey said he didn't think the men who got into the fight and caused the incident were apprehended.

Downey said the glass panels will be checked to see if they can be made more secure with brackets.

The panels are glass, so they don't interfere with the sightlines of the fans in that section.

Downey is the head of SMG, a private company that manages the Stadium, and I have to ask, sir, "what is your crew doing?" Because right now, there are a lot of Jaguar fans getting really drunk -- I would assume -- and doing really stupid things.

The Chargers were battling this earlier in the season, and while I thought it was a little ridiculous at the time, I'm gonna be honest and say that Jacksonville and the Jaguars as an organization needs to do something relatively drastic to make people stop getting hammered and injuring other patrons.

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