Those Bill Cowher to Cleveland Rumors Won't Go Away

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Earlier this week, J.J. Cooper mentioned how former Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach Bill Cowherhad no desire to return to the sidelines of an NFL team anytime soon. That, of course, hasn't stopped rumors from circulating, especially since he may have purchased a home in Strongsville, Ohio. From Mike Florio at ProFootballTalk:

Apparently, plenty of folks in Cleveland have heard that former Steelers coach Bill Cowher has bought a home in Strongsville, Ohio.

It's creating a buzz on the Internet, and for good reason. Cowher's purchase of a North Carolina home in early 2006 fueled rumors that he would be leaving the Steelers

After the 2006 season, he did.

If you're not familiar with Strongsville, Ohio -- and I'm guessing you're not -- it is located roughly 20 miles south of downtown Cleveland. Estimated driving time: 24 minutes. Cleveland, by the way, is home to the Cleveland Browns, an NFL franchise that has qualified for the post-season once since 1999, and is currently off to a disappointing start at 0-3. Which means a coaching change could be in the franchise's not-to-distant future. Naturally, once you put two and two together ... you get a rumor.

It probably means nothing -- I'm sure it means nothing -- but it's somewhat interesting that Cowher, a guy who could purchase a home anywhere he wanted, has chosen Strongsville, Ohio. Assuming he really did purchase a home in Strongsville, Ohio. Rumors are fun.

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