The Top 10 Franchises That Are Most Likely to Move

Just this afternoon we reported that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was thinking the next NFL team might find its way down to San Antonio.

Well, lucky for us, Forbes has now compiled a list of which sports teams are most likely to go out for a carton of milk and never come back home.

The 10 that are most likely to move for one reason or another is as follows:

-- Florida Marlins
-- Tampa Bay Rays
-- Buffalo Bills
-- Minnesota Vikings
-- San Francisco 49ers
-- New York Islanders
-- Phoenix Coyotes
-- Nashville Predators
-- New Orleans Hornets
-- Charlotte Bobcats

The ones that should just say bye right now are the Marlins, Rays (don't care if they're having a good year this season, you guys wouldn't have gone to a game in previous years if they were handing out winning Powerball tickets), Coyotes, Predators, and Bobcats. Yep, those all should go. Honestly, I lived in Arizona for six years and don't even know where the Coyotes play. I think it is downtown, or out by the University of Phoenix Stadium or somewhere. Honestly, ice in the desert? How does that even work?

I think the Bills are history already, moving to Canada in the next two years. The Vikings value has gone up $181 million the last three years but they aren't getting a new stadium with the taxpayers money so they could leave without so much as a Randy Moss mooning.

The 49ers are playing in a stadium that most Pac-10 teams would turn away from and the Islanders are actually worth less now than three years ago. Also, they have to compete with the Rangers, which is basically like trying to pick up the hottest girl at a bar when your wingman is George Clooney. The Hornets are tough to see go until you realize that New Orleans has lost a third of its population since Hurricane Katrina and don't really have a lot of upside in a town that is trying to rebuild most everything else besides an NBA franchise.

There's your list. Which one seems out of place to you?

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