The Giants Are Slowly Taking the 2007 Patriots Approach to Controversy

Think back to the 2007 Patriots season. Spygate, win after dominate win, and even a little chatter from the media about Bill Belichick running up the score on some less fortunate teams. How did that team handle the multitude of questions from the media? Well, by never really returning the punches swung at them.

Now look at this 2008 New York Giants team. A Super Bowl ring, a 4-0 start and now being dogged by a member of the 1-3 Cleveland Browns. The Giants have decided that the best response to the talk of "knocking (Brandon Jacobs) head off" and "There ain't nothing physical about (their offensive line)" is to follow the Pats professionalism and just let their game walk the talk.

"Not me anymore," said Jacobs, no longer taking the verbal bait, instead accepting cues from center Shaun O'Hara.

"The best statement you can make is walking off the field a winner," said O'Hara. "I can honestly say I never won a game because of bulletin board material or lost a game because of bulletin board material. You have to play the game. It makes for great TV and great drama for those not involved, but in the end it's all just hype."

I have to say, that statement sounds like a guy way more concerned about the marathon than just one leg of the race. Just for fun, let's say the Browns upset the Giants tonight. Does that end New York's season? Does Eli Manning or Jacobs or O'Hara lose their job or be demoted to the CFL or playing for the Bengals or something horrible?

No, they do not, and they are still probably the favorite in the NFC to advance through the playoffs. The thing is, this "trash talking" by Corey Williams is fairly pointless and the intelligent Giants starters are seeing it as such. Why spout off when you know for a fact you're better at what you do?

What did Tiger Woods say the time Rory Sabbatini claimed he was "as beatable as ever?" Simple, he just pointed at his record and moved on. Nothing to see here folks, keep the line a-movin'.

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