The Browns, Who Are 1-3, Are Talking Trash About the Giants, Who Are 4-0

As your mother or baseball coach or mental therapist once told you, there is a time and a place for everything in this world. When your only win is against the Cincinnati Bengals and your team looks about as tough as a clown at a biker convention, this is not your time.

Browns defensive lineman Corey Williams obviously didn't get the memo, spouting off all sorts of nonsense and ignorance about the Giants and how they are going to put them in their place. Just to reiterate, the Browns are 1-3 this season with their only win against the winless Bengals. The BENGALS!!!

"I'm going to try to knock his head off," Williams said of Giants running back Brandon Jacobs. "Once you go to putting that wood on him, go to really hitting him, not letting him run wild like he wants to do, he's a totally different running back. He'll start tiptoeing, shutting it down."

"(If our defense can) come out and hit (Jacobs) in the mouth from the jump, he tends to slow down and do some tiptoeing."

Williams also said of the Giants' offensive line: "There ain't nothing physical about them."

Wow, Williams nearly hit for the cycle here in ignorant comments. He insulted a running back that had 136 yards rushing and two touchdowns last week in an absolute route of the Seahawks. He called out an offensive line that is leading the way for the top rushing attack in the NFL, averaging 181.3 yards per game on the ground, and has only allowed Eli Manning to be sacked five times.

Honestly, why do you say these things? What is the point? It is Monday Night and the Giants are the best team in football and they were already going to roll you in the first place, so giving them incentive and locker room material is a good idea?

With that said, this here is the new rules of trash talking in football. They are short, sweet and what coaches need to print out and give their players before all those little guys like myself with microphones and coffee breath come in for some questions.

-- Don't say you're going to knock someone out, rip his head off or hurt someone. If it happens, you will basically be the most hated athlete in the game.

-- If you are going to say something, make damn sure you can back it up. For instance, if you are Joey Porter and it so happens you make some remarks about Matt Cassel sucking, play well against Cassel. If you are Chad Johnson and say you are going to kiss the Texas star against the Cowboys, making sure you don't grab three catches for 43 yards and no touchdowns.

-- If the trash talking is basically rhetoric others have uttered, like the above statement, just don't use it. Creativity is essential for the talking of trash. Seriously, go to a little league baseball game. Those cheers suuuuuck.

-- If you are on the following teams you are not allowed to trash talk unless you win a Super Bowl -- Browns, Bengals, Cardinals, Texans, Lions, Rams, and Chiefs. You guys aren't good, please stop talking like you are.

-- If you can legitimately utter the sentence, "Dude, I sure wish Brady Quinn would get the start this week," is it really time to be making proclamations?

-- Don't predict wins. Seriously, that is the lamest thing in sports, even lamer that the one bar facemask kicker helmet.

Oh, and I think it is worth noting that the Giants didn't even respond to these comments by Williams, basically pointing out that they don't respond to stupidity and they will just show it on the field. You know, like champions should.


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