The Baltimore Orioles Want to Ride Their Bicycle (They Want to Ride Their Bike)

Professional athletes have something of a bad -- or awesome, depending on who you ask -- reputation for excess. It was always there, and then MTV Cribs took it national; to be a professional athlete meant not only getting paid incredible sums, it meant spending those sums on a 30-foot fish tank with, like, sharks and stuff. That's ballin'.

But not everyone can afford such luxuries. When you play for the Baltimore Orioles and you didn't forge a birth certificate, it might help to save a little money by taking a bike to work every day. Jeremy Guthrie and his band of brothers are already doing so:

There are enough bikes parked there to hold the Tour de France. I keep waiting for players to change into yellow jerseys, though that honor probably should be delayed until they're in first place. At last count, the cyclists include Guthrie, Luke Scott, Aubrey Huff, Brian Burres, Garrett Olson and Lance Cormier. Nick Markakis dropped out after buying a house in Monkton.

The Orioles might be the only team that has more use for a bike rack than a bat rack.

That last bit is painfully true, but it's good to see professional players taking the vehicle less traveled. Next up: Melvin Mora on a unicycle. Is there anything that guy can't do?

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