The American Muresan Out for the Year

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Oh, you two haven't met? Well, introductions are in order. Kenny George, Georghe Muresan... George, Muresan... Kenny, Georghe.

That the two of you can actually stand and look the other in the eye has to be something special for men who stand 7-7. Well, now you can add foot problems. Georghe Muresan missed a whole season due to a strained tendon in his right ankle with the Washington Bullets. UNC-Ashville's Kenny George appears likely to miss this season.

George had two surgical procedures on an infected right foot and remains in a Chicago hospital, the school said. The senior is not expected to return to school this semester.

Coach Eddie Biedenbach said George first felt discomfort last month during a camp in Las Vegas. When he returned to his native Chicago, a doctor recommended immediate surgery.

Anyone with that kind of size is going to experience problems with his feet, knees and/or back. Now that it has started with foot, if George is planning on a professional basketball career he can not risk coming back to school. He has to look to his future. Sure, he could take a medical redshirt, but teams are already going to have enough questions about his long-term durability. If he comes back and gets injured, his stock will plummet.

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