Texas Man Allegedly Pulls Gun on Coach's Husband at Youth Soccer Game

Sports parents are pretty crazy, but one Lubbock, Texas man might be made the president of the club.

Twenty-five-year-old Tye Burke, who apparently struggles with anger issues, was at his child's youth soccer game and reportedly wasn't a fan of the coaching. Burke got in a fight with the female coach of the team, and when the husband of the coach headed over to smooth out the situation, Burke allegedly pulled a gun on him, apparently pointing it directly at his head. Sadly, this might not have been a helpful way of showing the seven and eight-year-olds the proper area to execute a header.

Burke was tackled by an off-duty prison guard and is now being charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Tye Burke, 25, was free on bond Monday, after authorities arrested him Saturday afternoon at the Berl Huffman Complex. Lubbock Police say he pulled a gun on another parent during a fight. Now, he's charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

I have to admit, I have zero kids to my name (keeps fingers crossed) so I have no clue how one would react to poor coaching, but pulling a gun probably won't get you on the exceptional parenting episode of "Oprah."

Being a young golfer playing my way through the American Junior Golf Association, I saw some crazy dads, but normally that is a fight between kid and dad. The thing about a coached team sport is there is someone else around your age telling your kid what to do even though you obviously know more about the sport than they do

So, when that coach is bossing your child around the only logical approach is to pull out your handgun? Yep, makes total sense.

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