Terrell Owens Explains Why He Was Crying During Sunday's Win Over Bengals

Don't know if you caught Terrell Owens crying on the sidelines after hauling in the game-deciding touchdown against the Bengals last week, but there he was, in what should've been a happy moment, fighting back tears.

It has become almost reflexive to think that T.O. was upset about something football-related (maybe Tony Romo's pass wobbled too much and Owens had to really concentrate) but the game was the furthest thing from his mind, apparently.

The Dallas Morning News' Calvin Watkins writes that Owens explained what happened during a Tuesday afternoon appearance on the Michael Irvin Show.

Owens said the death of a family member and an emotional talk with his pastor, Anthony Gardner, led to his tears.

The night before the game, Gardner told Owens he would cry on the sideline and told him to profess his love for God in the news conference following the game.

"It was a rough week," Owens said. "I even had a family member pass, and I didn't make any mention of that. That wasn't anybody's business. I had my mom call me, and she was very reluctant to tell me that. I was playing with a heavy heart."

Well, that explains this, although I'm still not sure how Owens' pastor knew the Cowboys wideout was going to cry on the sidelines before it happened. Maybe he's a prophet, in which case, head coach Wade Phillips would like a word about his future.

I sorta like Owens and have never been bothered by his off-field antics. (That said, Eagles fans have a legitimate gripe, and in general, I could do without the half-naked, front-yard, sit-up-a-thon/press conferences.) Unlike, say, Randy Moss, Owens is a willing blocker and seldom takes plays off. But Owens isn't afraid to speak up, and, frankly, he has awful timing.

That's fair, I think, even is some of the media coverage is less so.

"I'm not a perfect person," Owens said. "My life is still under construction, but don't judge me by what you think I am or what you think I meant in what I said.

"I've made my mistakes, and they [media] listen to my comments and they dissect those comments and they make what they want out of them, but I know who I am at heart."

All solid points ... until T.O. added: "But just so we're clear: Sheshawn still sucks."*

* Joke. Duh.

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