Stop Making Excuses for the Dunked Upon

When Kevin Martin got off his gnarly jam against Greg Oden and LaMarcus Aldridge, Blazers fans immediately mobilized to refute the veracity of the statement "Kevin Martin dunked on Greg Oden and LaMarcus Aldridge." Why? To protect the reps of their dudes, natch.

But it has gotten out of control! The venerable J.E. Skeets of Ball Don't Lie added his name to the Constitution of Haters' Articles of Poster Revisionism, and now Wizards fans are being dumped on because Fabricio Oberto went shrieking violet in the face of Nick Young's ferocity in this dunk.

The league of Haters has actually gotten Bullets Forever's Jake to back off his assertion that Oberto had been dunked on. The aggression must not stand. Clearly, Oberto could have challenged the dunk more forcefully ... you know, by not promenading out-of-bounds. He did not. He chose to allow the dunk come down unopposed. Yet by sticking his hand up and leaping ever-so-lightly, he opened himself up for posterization. Young completed his task, and it is written: Oberto got dunked on.

If we appease the fluttering wimps of the NBA by insisting their innocence in these questioned posterizations, then by definition no one will ever get dunked on again. Is that want you want, poster deniers? If the Haters have their way, defenders will stop challenging and we'll never see this or this or this again. Stand with my blogger friends. Stand against the Poster Revisionists.

(And honestly, people: what's the difference between this and this? You should be ashamed.)

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