Spurrier: Not Really Into All That Personnel

DE Greg Hardy is a star thanks to his big-time plays against the Florida Tebows. In fact, his play was so impressive that he made the cover of Sports Illustrated. Considering Spurrier's Gamecocks play the Rebels next week, surely he's preparing his

flavor of the month starting and soon to be benched and restarting

current QB for Hardy's fearsome pass rush. Right, Coach?

Uh, Coach?

Spurrier was silent for a few seconds when first asked the question about Hardy and finally said, "You talking about, uh ..."

The reporter asking the question quickly jumped in and responded, "Their defensive end, No. 86."

Spurrier then cut in and said, "Their defensive end, oh yeah. I don't really get into all that personnel. When I look at other teams, I sort of look at schemes. But their whole defensive line is very good. Shoot, they've got good athletes up and down the field at all positions.

Never mind 'bout all that personnel. Just remember, I toldja he could really go. Yeah, yeah, click-clack. See ya at the game, Coach.

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