Shooting Victim Suing Marvin Harrison

Dwight Dixon, victim of an April 29th shooting in Philadelphia, is suing Colts star receiver Marvin Harrison.

The bare bones, if you remember, are that Harrison and Dixon were involved in an altercation ... and a bit later Dixon wound up shot with a gun owned by Harrison. Harrison has not been charged, but the case is still open. Harrison himself has admitted that he was in a fight with the victim, and that he did own the gun used in the shooting. He also maintains he wasn't the shooter.

On the surface, it looks like Harrison did something wrong, at the very least. His gun was used to shoot another person. Anyway you slice it, outside theft -- though Harrison never said his gun was stolen -- is bad. On the flip-side, he still hasn't been charged with a crime, and that's a long time without a charge in such a high-profile case.

Further clouding matters is the fact that at first Dixon told police he was wounded while driving, only to later change his story and accuse Harrison of the shooting.

Here are the claims of the plaintiff:

Dixon claims "serious and permanent injuries ... and a severe shock to his nerves and nervous system," according to the lawsuit. He is seeking more than $100,000 in damages.

The lawsuit claims that Harrison "intentionally and outrageously shot" Dixon, although another part of the document says Dixon could have been shot by someone else using Harrison's gun.

"Look, it's our position that Marvin Harrison was the shooter," Robert M. Gamburg, Dixon's attorney, told the paper.

"But even if you believe the other theory, Marvin's gun was still used in the shooting, so he was negligent for leaving the weapon where someone else could obtain it."

I'll allow readers to draw their own conclusions. I wasn't there and don't know anything about Harrison or Dixon personally. And remember, football fans, neither do the majority of you.

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