Sergei Fedorov Sued for $2M

If Sergei Fedorov was feeling good after signing his new $4M deal with the Washington Capitals, those feelings have disappeared faster than Botox in Hollywood.

It seems that Sergei has been a bad boy with his finances, and is now being sued for failing to pay back some hefty loans he took out.

From the Washington Post:

Sergei Fedorov is being sued by a Michigan bank that says the Washington Capitals center has failed to pay more than $2 million in loans taken out four years ago.

According to a lawsuit filed Monday in Macomb County (Mich.) Circuit Court, Fedorov owes Citizens State Bank more than $2.1 million on two separate loans -- one for $1.75 million and another for $500,000. The first loan was made in December 2004, the second in April 2005

What the hell did Fedorov need with all that money in the first place?

Since 1989, Sergei Fedorov has been paid $61,519,036 in salary for his services. Did he blow all of this money on crack, diamond rings for Anna Kournikova, or did his music empire bring him to the brink of bankruptcy?

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