Scratch That, John Daly's Ex-Wife Did Not Steal His Cell Phone

A fun game to play sometimes involves putting yourself in a John Daly-type scenario. You know, maybe break a couple of Jack Daniels bottles against the hotel television. Or you could scratch your face to make it look like your ex-wife went at you with a steak knife. Also, if you're on the golf course, you could just hit a golf ball while it is still rolling on the green in frustration. Hey, you only live once, right?

Daly, who a few days ago accused his ex-wife Sherrie of stealing his cell phone, might have been a little off on the accusation that landed her in the slammer. Sherrie's attorney, Randy Fishman, said Monday that sometimes these things happen when going through the big D and he didn't mean Dallas.

"This is a divorce case and people accuse each other of stuff all the time.''

That is probably a good point. Daly did accuse Sherrie of the whole knife to the face thing and he has been known to be a little unstable over the last few years. Big John's career looks to be tanking faster than the Mets in September and there really isn't anyone to blame but the man with the Diet Coke and Hooters emblem.

He is currently 737 in the Official World Rankings and made next to nothing this season on the PGA Tour. He's battled injury, mental demons and swing coaches this season and this would be considered a mild year for Daly. But at least he got his cell phone back. Those suck to lose.

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