Sage Rosenfels Has 3 Turnovers in Final Minutes, Blows Lead for Texans vs. Colts

When people talk about the traits that make up a good quarterback, they often talk about things like "poise" and "clutch ability" and whatnot.

Most of that stuff is B.S., and the truth is that being a good quarterback is mostly about the ability to throw a football accurately. But there is at least a little something to the whole "poise" thing, and today Texans quarterback Sage Rosenfels showed why has the poise of, well, a career bench warmer.

The Texans were beating the Colts 27-17 with less than four minutes left in the fourth quarter today, and all they had to do was run time off the clock. On a third-and-8, Rosenfels rolled out, picked up a few yards, and then -- instead of putting both hands on the ball and making sure it couldn't be stripped -- inexplicably attempted to leap over two defenders, dangling the ball at his side. He fumbled, and Colts linebacker Gary Brackett picked it up and raced for a touchdown.

Then the Texans got the ball back up 27-24. Again, the key was protecting the ball and taking time off the clock. Instead, Rosenfels held the ball out with one hand as he tried to make something happen with his feet. Colts defensive end Robert Mathis caught him, knocked the ball loose and jumped on it.

Peyton Manning then threw a touchdown pass to Reggie Wayne, and the Colts went up 31-27. Rosenfels had fumbled twice in just over a minute and handed the Colts 14 points. He then got one more chance, and threw an ugly interception. The Colts won, 31-27.

Rosenfels was an efficient passer for most of the day today, but the bottom line is that in the final four minutes. Rosenfels had three turnovers. He cost his team the game.

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