Rutgers Sees No Need to Panic

Sure they are off to a 1-5 start. Sure, the prior week Coach Greg Schiano admitted he wasn't doing a very good job of coaching the team. Plus he has concluded that the talent on the team appears to have been "overestimated" by himself and others. Sure the Scarlet Knights managed another painful loss.

So what. Apparently being on the verge looking like the Rutgers they were pre-2005 is not a reason to make any significant changes to the depth chart.

"To me, that's really not part of the decision-making," Schiano said during his weekly day-after teleconference Sunday. "You do what you think is best to win the game that you're playing that week. Whether you're 1-5 or 5-1, to me, doesn't come into play. A lot of people worked really hard to give us an opportunity to do this."

They worked hard to have an opportunity to be winless against 1-A teams? All will work itself out. Just stay the course. It's about stability. On the bright side, after six games the Scarlet Knights have cracked 100 points scored. Why would anyone think changes need to be made?

Additional bonus for Rutgers. They won't have to worry about another program coming to try and poach Greg Schiano away this season. At least that means they won't have to give him another new contract and raise.

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