Report: Cowboys' Adam ‘Pacman' Jones Gets in a Fight With His Bodyguard

When Dallas Cowboys cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones was reinstated this summer after a suspension of a year and a half, he was warned that screwing up one more time could end his NFL career.

According to a Dallas TV station, Jones screwed up one more time.

CBS 11 in Dallas is reporting (via Pro Football Talk) that Jones got into a fight with his bodyguard on Tuesday night in a Dallas hotel. The report says that Jones was involved in a confrontation in a bathroom, that a mirror was broken and that Jones left without paying his bar tab.

Jones was in the locker room today when NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell addressed the team. Goodell said that, as far as he knew, Jones was conducting himself in a way that reflects well on himself, the Cowboys and the NFL.

UPDATE: CBS 11 reports that Jones was with a woman who drove him away from the scene before police arrived. No police report was filed. Cowboys Spokesperson Rich Dalrymple said in a statement to CBS 11:

"The organization has no information regarding the incident involving Adam Jones, therefore they had no comment."

Jones did not respond when CBS 11 tried to contact him for comment.

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