Report: Al Davis Made Lane Kiffin Cancel Interview With NFL Network

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If it seems like we've had a lot of Al Davis news around here lately, it's because we have. And there's a very good reason for that. The reason, of course, is that Davis is crazy, and perhaps a little paranoid.

The latest piece of craziness comes from a report by Michael Lombardi at National Football Post, where Lombardi claims Lane Kiffin (still employed, as of 7:51 this evening) was set to do an interview with Adam Schefter of the NFL Network. That is, until Davis found out about it.

In light of the recent public relations move by the Raiders this past weekend, head coach Lane Kiffin agreed to do an interview with the NFL Network. But when Adam Schefter showed up in Buffalo to tape the interview he was told that it had been cancelled. Al Davis apparently sent word to Kiffin that if he did the interview, the act would be deemed as insubordinate and therefore provide grounds for termination without pay.

Perhaps Davis didn't want Kiffin to let the cat out of the bag and expose the company secret that the Raiders aren't the most functional and organized outfit in the NFL. Or, perhaps Davis was afraid Schefter would ask a question that John Hererra didn't like, prompting the Raiders' executive to burst into the room and hit Schefter over the head with a folding chair, WWE style.

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