Remember Kids: Catch With Your Hands, Not Your Face

Okay, so while that probably hurt like hell, I in no way feel sorry for that Orioles fan who just took a foul ball off his face. The guy stood there staring at the ball as it was in the sky coming towards him, then saw as the ball began to come down above him.

Now, maybe he never had to take physics in high school, and never had the laws of gravity explained to him. Maybe he thought a giant gust of wind was going to come and blow the ball away. Or maybe he just had a lot more faith in Miguel Cabrera's ability to catch the ball than he should have.

Did you see the glance he gave Cabrera afterward? It screamed, "What the hell, dude? Why didn't you catch that?" Of course, the look quickly morphed into "It hurts! It hurts! I want my mommy!" Seriously, how dumb do you have to be to stare at a baseball coming right for you and never try to catch it or at least get out of the way?

After watching "The Wire" on HBO for so many years, I knew the Baltimore public school system had it's flaws, but I had no idea things were this bad.

(An extra baseball glove to Busted Coverage)

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