Red Sox Fan Sues Bon Jovi Over ‘I Love This Town' Rights; We're All Still Heavily Tortured

Every post season in every sport, the execs at all the major networks feel the need to establish a theme and/or motiff that runs the duration of the playoffs. In recent years, this has moved from things like NBC's awesome NBA music to crap like John Mellancamp's "Our Country".

And this year, TBS pulled their typical Frank-TV-like attack on the senses by running Bon Jovi's new song, "I Love This Town", approximately 497 times per inning whenever there's a postseason game. The good news is that Bon Jovi's getting sued. The bad news is that, well, there's a lot (via RSM).

Jon Bon Jovi is being sued for 400 bil -- yes, billion -- bucks by a Boston musician who says Jovi allegedly borrowed lyrics from his Boston Red Sox anthem entitled, "(Man I Really) Love This Team."

Samuel Bartley Steele, the front man for a band calling themselves "The Chelsea City Council," believes Bon Jovi heard his song while campaigning in Boston for John Kerry in '04, then used the lyrics in his own song entitled, "I Love This Town."

Bad news item number one: the guy's a Red Sox fan. Eh, what can you do? Bad news item number two: TBS probably isn't going to stop playing this song. And bad news item number three: Oh, wait, there were only two. It's just that the second one was so freaking horrible that I thought it was two things.

No seriously, the third thing is that it stinks that this clown is going to get this lawsuit get thrown out, because as much as I love JBJ's older stuff, I'd be willing to sacrifice just about anything to stop hearing this song.

Semi-Update: As pointed out over at the Monster, there's actually a little bit more to this lawsuit than I originally thought. See, Steele filed for copyright way back in 2006 and actually tried to pitch the idea to Major League Baseball. Again, he's not getting $400 billion, but, hey, you've got to start with a high-ball if you want to walk away with six figures anyway.

You figure this mess gets all up in JBJ's business, he gets a little red in the face and offers this guy a million bucks to just go away and ... yeah, that's definitely happening.

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