Red or Blue, NASCAR Legend Junior Johnson Emboldens True American Democracy

The politics facing each and every American citizen on Tuesday easily get most people fired up on side of a cause, issue or candidate hotter than any discussion involving a Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan and a Kyle Busch fan after the race at Richmond in May.

And for that reason, and my overwhelming desire to not receive large amounts of hate mail, here at the 'House we're strictly apolitical when it comes to choosing a candidate. Sure, I've got folks I like, and you've got yours, but this is a NASCAR site and it's not the appropriate space for discussion on the latest issue hitting the news.

But today, in honor of one of the most important days any American can ever take part in, I hope to give you encouragement to get out and vote and to make sure your voice is heard when it comes to issues that affect you and your loved ones.

And we'll do it by telling the story of one of NASCAR's good ol' boys from the yesterdays of racing who has taken a decidedly political stand to set a great example for America's future.

That man? Junior Johnson, who won 50 races in NASCAR's top level and is a championship-winning car owner, seems to fit the mold of a Deep South republican. The former NASCAR driver hunts, fishes, used to run moonshine, and has voted republican for years.

In 2008, though, he's voting for Sen. Barack Obama, the Democratic nominee.

Johnson's words have been splashed across many newspapers and he's even got a blog post up on the Huffington Post about the candidate from Illinois whom he believes should be the country's next president. In that message, Johnson talks about his background, his reasoning for supporting Obama and connects all together with a nice anecdote involving drafting.

Corny? Maybe. Does it make sense? Yep.

It's a well-written piece, and I think anybody -- on either side of the aisle -- should take a look at it to truly understand what it means to be a responsible voter in the United States.

No, I'm not trying to sway you by saying you should support Obama just because Junior Johnson thinks so. Likewise, I'm not trying to push the McCain agenda.

Simply, take what Johnson has laid out, and run with it.

Take from Johnson's decision in choosing a candidate many would think he would never, ever support and adapt that to your own methods.

Choose who you think will do the best job -- that could be McCain, Obama, Ron Paul, Ralph Nader or anyone else -- and vote for them. Vote for people or legislation that will make your life better, regardless of who is behind it.

Voting doesn't have to be like cheering for your favorite driver whether he's running first or 41st. Instead, it should be like being the ultimate fair-weather fan, cheering for the representatives you think will do the best job for our country at the current time. After all, part of being American is choosing who you want to lead.

Is that McCain, Obama or anyone else? I can't make that decision for you, but you can follow the lead of Johnson and select the candidates you want today based solely on who you think will do a better job - rather than making a blind red or blue vote.

NASCAR fans get out there today and vote. Select your favorite political driver for right now and support them.

Democracy is counting on you.

Note: This public service message was brought to you by Geoffrey Miller, your civic-minded humble servant. There's no intent whatsoever to sway your vote, but rather, just an intent to sway you to vote.

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