Plaxico Burress Should Definitely Get Rental Car Insurance

Maybe the Giants should think about getting Plaxico Burress one of those fancy security details the Cowboys have for "Adam" Pacman Jones.

Not so much because Burress can't walk two blocks without needing a lap dance, but because he has trouble doing the everyday stuff like showing up for work and, according to the New York Post, paying his bills.

Specifically, Burress stiffed a rental car company out of almost 800 bucks this summer.

Khoury Alternative Claims Management [is] a San Antonio-based third-party administrator trying to catch up with the Giants receiver about some damage he did to a rental car. Burress returned a Suburban on June 2 to Epic Car and Truck Rental in Clifton, N.J., with scratches and dents in the bumper. He paid $996.95 for the rental but owed another $1,759 in damages. Burress dropped the car off after hours and never informed anyone of the damages.

Maybe he left a note on the windshield but somebody stole it. It could happen ... or not.

"A lot of people do that," said Randy Harris, president of Khoury Alternative Claims Management. "Because of the damage they just split."

Epic tried to collect the money through Allstate, the insurance company Burress listed on his rental contract. One problem: Burress made it up -- Allstate doesn't have a policy for him. There's more, of course:

Repeated attempts by Khoury to contact Burress were unsuccessful and representatives from Khoury finally called the Giants, getting hold of Charles Way, the team's director of player development.

"He said he'd try his best to speak to Plaxico and get it paid," Harris said. "When we called him back he said, 'Man, I'm trying.' "

So, yeah, cut Burress some slack if he doesn't show up for practice every day. He's got bigger issues. Like how to avoid paying $762.05 for busting up a Surburban, which can be problematic in these tough economic times, even with a shiny, new deal. Definitely shoulda gotten the rental car insurance. On the upside, it could've been worse.

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