Peter Lalich About To Transfer To Oregon State

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Almost immediately after Peter Lalich (ask your parents) got unceremoniously booted from Virginia's football team, the discussion began as to where ol' boy might end up. More than a few of my friends starting thinking along the lines of DI-AA squads in-state, but that didn't seem like Lalich's style. Too small-time, and moreover, most of Virginia's FCS schools have standards every bit as stringent as those of UVA. And as a former Elite 11 guy with three years of eligibility remaining, you'd have to believe some of the more ... morally unscrupulous schools might take a look at him. I mean, Ron Price was Al Groh's DC, and you know how Kansas State is with taking on kids who couldn't hack it at the highest level in their first few years. What about Arkansas?

Apparently, Lalich's into schools that will get their asses handed to 'em in 2008 and beyond by USC, so with all that speculation beforehand, no school makes more sense than Oregon State ... even though a good part of it has to do with them working on the quarter system, which will allow him to be a student athlete by next season. The runner-up, Cincinnati, works on a semester system, meaning that he'll only be eligible come 2009-2010. Then again, if you think clearing up eligibility issues at Cincinnati is a breeze, I've got Ben Mauk on line 2.

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