Patrick Cote on Anderson Silva at UFC 90: ‘I F—ed Him Up Really Bad … He Was Scared'

I like Patrick Cote. I've interviewed him a few times in the last few months, and I've always found him to be polite, well spoken and respectful. So I have a hard time even recognizing this Patrick Cote:

That interview took place after Cote lost to Anderson Silva at UFC 90, and Cote comes across, frankly, like an idiot.

"I think I did a good job," Cote said. "I f---ed my knee in the middle of the second round. ... I've received a lot of good comments that I did great. I'm the first guy in the UFC to make the third round with Anderson Silva. I would love a rematch."

Sorry, Patrick: There is no way the UFC will do a Silva-Cote II. That's just not going to happen. And, unfortunately, that's not even the worst of Cote's comments.

"I f---ed him up really bad," Cote said. "My game plan was good and I think that he was scared to exchange with me."

That's just ridiculous. Silva wasn't hurt, wasn't sweating and wasn't breathing heavily at the time that Cote's knee injury ended their fight. Silva was basically just toying with Cote.

Cote also noted that he thought it was "rude" of Silva to offer to help him off his back at one point during the fight. Maybe, but not as rude as claiming you f---ed a guy up after you barely laid a glove on him.

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