Our Mind's in the Gutter Thursday Night Live Blog: Trojans at Beavers

Is the joke gratuitous when it's so obvious? Anyway. The College Football FanHouse will be staying up late (for us East Coasters, anyway) for a rare Pac-10 Thursday Night battle between No. 1 USC and Oregon State.

The Pac-10 set the world on fire last week by officially cementing itself as USC and the Nine Dwarfs after not a single Pac-10 team was in the Associated Press top 25 rankings. Except for USC, of course. This caused much consternation and concern that like with 2003, a top-ranked USC would be kept out of the BCS Championship Game in favor of undefeated SEC and Big 12 Champions.

That's all projection for now but unless the Pac-10 situation improves and Ohio State starts performing like a top 10 team again, USC's in desperate need of a great many blowout victories to make its title case. ESPN host Chris Fowler pejoratively calls this cadavering of opponents "style points". I call it demonstrating consistent dominance and evidence of worthy play. Tomato, tomahto, it all goes in the sauce.

Be sure to join the College Football FanHouse crew at 9 p.m. Eastern for what will be a fun live blog. Chat application after the jump. PS - we realize The Office season premiere is on tonight. TiVo it and join us. Do it. Bacardi and cola, do it.

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