One Down, Five to Go for Jim Haslett, Rams

This morning, NFL Network's Adam Schefter reported that if interim Rams head coach Jim Haslett somehow found a way to win six games this season (which, honestly, is like asking a normal coach of a normal team to go undefeated) he would keep the Rams job.

But, hey, it's good to have goals, I guess.

Buried inside Haslett's new Rams contract is a clause that says if he leads the teams to six wins this season - and it will not be easy with upcoming games at Washington, home against Dallas, at New England - then St. Louis will be obligated to keep him as its head coach for next season. ...

Now, chances are, if Haslett wins four or five games, and shows the culture in St. Louis has changed, Rams management might retain him for next season anyway. But six wins makes it official - not an easy benchmark for an organization that has won only three of its past 20 games.

Well, Haslett's 17-25 percent of the way their, depending on the number of wins he needs to keep the gig for '09. Whatever, the Rams have their first victory of the season, defeating the Redskins in


Washington on a last-second Josh Brown 49-yard field goal.

Looking at the schedule, five (or, hell, three) more wins look tough to come by, but after watching Rams offensive lineman Richie Incognito singlehandly try to lose the game with various personal foul penalties today, I'd have to think benching him automatically increases St. Louis' chances going forward.

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