Obama and McCain Interviews Will Be Shown at Halftime of MNF

I'm sure everyone was happy about Barak Obama's infomercial prior to part two of Game 5 of the World Series. Now he, along with John McCain, will have their final words during halftime of the Steelers-Redskins game on Monday Night Football (via PFT).

ESPN has announced that both Obama and McCain will be interviewed during halftime of the Monday Night Football game between the Redskins and Steelers.

Chris Berman will interview both candidates separately. The interviews will be taped during the day on Monday and will air at halftime.

Who better than Chris Berman to do these interviews? What we need to hear from these candidates are their favorite 1970s rock songs and nicknames for their VP picks (Sarah "Lunch" Palin?). I don't need to hear Arizona senator John McCain chatting about the Arizona Cardinals.

I do need Berman talking to the candidates about the cost of "deux-deux-deuxs" in this country in relation to Canada.

I understand the significance of the Monday nighter in Washington. It is Election Day Eve and that city will be sitting on pins and needles as many of those people are gearing up for the biggest day of their professional lives.

But I don't need politics messing up my football. I agree with most of those pundits who wonder how people still can be undecided about who they are going to vote for. Honestly, how many people out there will be swayed by a taped interview during halftime of a mid-season football game? Apparently enough to warrant everyone involved doing it.

This important election has already screwed with the sports world and the second time they've screwed with my beloved Washington Redskins. Remember that the Redskins opener with the New York Giants was pushed to an earlier time due to the Republican National Convention.

The one blessing is that this is a halftime deal and won't affect the actual game. There will be no cameos in ESPN's broadcast booth that force Mike Tirico, Jaws or Tony Kornheiser to dismiss the action on the field. Heck, with all the stuff Tirico does and all the time Jaws spends locked in a room watching video they may need to be introduced to the two candidates. We don't need Tony "the Hobo figurine" Kornheiser talking to either of them.

If Obama and McCain were to be in the booth, it would actually make me wish that Dennis Miller was back on MNF.

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