NBA Essentials: Indexing the Big Aristotle

NBA Essentials ranks our six favorite stories of the day.

1. Knickerblogger. Shaq, in Venn diagram.

2. FirstCuts. Baron Davis gets a better sneaker deal in China than from the usual companies.

3. The Blowtorch. Pat Riley at the Hall of Fame: that's amore.

4. D.C. Sports Bog. DeShawn Stevenson apparently likes what Brandon Jennings is doing in the world of hair innovation.

5. AFP, via HoopsHype. Here's a lede you don't see on the foreign wires every day: "Los Angeles-bound guard Sun Yue has said he does not want to be known as 'China's Magic Johnson' as he seeks a spot on the Laker's roster, but is happy to be known as the 'Monkey King.'"

6. True Hoop. An eponysterical photo.

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