McGahee's Eye Injury Questioned By Ravens

As Tom Brady will be happy to explain, 2008 might not be some people's year.

Willis McGahee can second that, as the eye injury he suffered in the Sunday win against the Cleveland Browns could keep him out of the Monday night game against the Steelers, his second major injury of the early '08 season.

"It still looks pretty bad to me," coach John Harbaugh said. "As long as he can see, he'll play. But if he can't, he's not going to be able to play. So, we'll have to try to get that swelling down."

We actually have a rule in our yearly family football game that no player is allowed to participate if they can't see. We Bacons have always felt that to be fair.

The crazy thing about the laceration to McGahee's right eyelid is that Harbaugh and company think the injury might have been intentional, which would be the first successful thing the Browns have done this season. The Ravens have submitted the tape of the injury to the NFL for review.

"We asked them for their opinion on what happened," Harbaugh said. "We're waiting to hear back on it."

You know, I really find it hard to believe that someone could intentionally cut McGahee's eye with that visor on. That is precision you just don't find a lot in the AFC North.

With the 2-0 Ravens facing off against the Steelers in their first nationally televised game of the season, Joe Flacco could use all the help he can get in the backfield. McGahee had 15 carries for 64 yards and a touchdown before going out with the eye injury last weekend.

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