Matt Schaub Lands in the Hospital, Sage Rosenfels Lands in the Starting Lineup

Matt Schaub was sent to the hospital on Saturday night

So, yeah, in a huge divisional matchup and the team's first return to Houston since Ike hit, things are going to be a little thin at quarterback.

Schaub fell ill Saturday night, but is active as the second quarterback for this afternoon's game. Tight end Owen Daniels is the Texans' emergency quarterback.

In five starts with the Texans in 2007, Rosenfels was 4-1. He played in 10 total games and finished with a career-high 1,684 passing yards and 15 touchdowns.

Yeah, so things aren't that bad for the Texans, but we don't really know how bad they are for Schaub just yet. Hopefully he'll be fine, but until we hear more, we just have to assume that he's doing alright under medical watch.

Sage Rosenfels will start in his place and Lord have mercy on the Texans if Daniels has to take snaps.

Fantasy Spin: Obviously bench Schaub immediately, and consider grabbing Rosenfels -- he doesn't seem like a particularly attractive option but if you're facing Kyle Orton or someone of that lower end nature and he's there, well, the Colts defense isn't that stout and he does have Andre Johnson and Kevin Walter.

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