Matchup You Might Not Have Expected to See This Year: Chris Henry vs. Pacman

Now a quarter-deep into the season, it's easy to forget that it wasn't that long ago that

Pacman Adam

Pacman Jones' eligibility status for this year (and beyond) was in doubt. At the same time, Chris Henry was pretty much a goner, released by the Bengals after his 27th or so legal transgression as a professional football player.

So it's a bit odd that the two biggest deviants in recent NFL history, and former West Virginia teammates, will probably be lining up across from one another this Sunday when the Cowboys play the Bengals.

The Cowboys have had to tuck Pacman away in a panic room in order to keep his last NFL chance in tact, but it's worked. And with Henry done serving the four-game suspension that was put into effect when the Bengals inexplicably re-signed him earlier this summer, well, the total number of arrests between the two will most likely outnumber the Bengals' scoring output.

"We're best of friends," Pacman said. "He made some bad decisions and he has to deal with consequences, same way I did. He manned it up and he took all the responsibilities and now he's ready to play."

But how ready? Ready enough that he won't waste yet another chance? And about Pacman? Is he ready enough to stay out of trouble without the Cowboys stashing him away like Bin Laden? I doubt it. Sadly, I don't expect either to exhibit the behavior required to stay in the NFL long enough for the duo to meet again. Frankly, it's miracle enough that they're both playing on Sunday.

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